In-person classes begin Sept 28th, 2022, 7:30 to 8:30 pm.  (Now Wed. nites.) Burgdorff Theater, Maplewood, NJ

Email toni@vivaflamenconj.com for more info.


(NB: Flamenco is not a partner dance.) Wear comfortable pants and strap on or tie-up shoes or boots with sturdy heels (no high heels or clogs.)


Viva FlamencoNJ performs in a multitude of locals ranging from birthday parties and weddings to 700-seat theater venues, school assemblies, museums, and outdoor festivals (including the Bronx Zoo!)

Locally, Viva can be seen at a variety of dance events and festivals.

often combining other dance forms such as Middle Eastern, jazz, and East Indian to draw together the diverse influences of the art in exciting multicultural performances.

Call 646-207-4705 for more information or email toni@VivaFlamencoNJ.com.

Private classes available.  Call for details:  646-207-4705 (Antonia).